Soulard in St. Louis Jan. 6 - Mar. 4, 2014

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Parade Krewes


 The Anticipation is Finally Over


The theme for 2016 Mardi Gras Grand Parade is here!




  Da Da Da


        “All things sports”


Let’s get the imagination rolling and become creative.

This offers a very wide variety.  Some ideas could be:


A. The Obvious Sports

      Baseball, Football, soccer, golf, basketball, and synchronized swim.


B.  The Party Sports

        Flippy cup, beer pong, pool, darts, and bean bags.


The deadline for returning krewes is 10 pm, August 31, 2015


We’ve seen many emails blocked by overzealous spam filters. What we have determined, is for each Krewe to go into their contact list and add my e-mail: to your list of contacts and send me an e-mail with the subject being “test”  By doing both of these it should solve the problem of Mardi Gras mail getting sent to spam.  In the meantime, please reach out to us if you know of anyone who’s been accidentally cut out of the loop.


A completed application includes:

  1. Detailed description of your design as part of the completed online form (PK tab of the website/green box)
  2. A sketch of your concept emailed separated to me:
  3. Payment of appropriate fees via Pay Pal.


 The Grand Parade will be Saturday, February 6, 2016.



Basic Krewe Information

What is Krewe?

The word “Krewe” is a generic term used to describe any carnival organization or club. The word was coined by the oldest such organization in New Orleans, the Mystic Krewe of Comus, who in 1857 believed that the word gave the club’s name an “olde-English” flavor. Here in St. Louis, the Soulard Mardi Gras Grand Parade is make up of many Krewes. Each float or marching group represents the efforts of an individual Krewe. 

Who can have a Krewe?

You and your friends! With some effort and creativity, you and your friends can be the object of desire of hundreds of thousands of screaming revelers. What a rush!

Steps to follow to form a Krewe

  • If you are going to enter a float, you will need to secure your hardware. Decide on the trailer that will be your float and tow vehicle. We also have room in the parade for a number of walking/marching Krewes. Selecting your entry type and equipment will help you decide how many people to involve and what the parade entry fee will be. 
  • The purpose of the parade is to entertain the crowd. To encourage creativity, there are substantial prizes for the best floats. The judges are looking for creativity, three dimensional design, adherence to theme, and so forth. 
  • Follow the construction guidelines for safety and reliability compliance.
  • Stock up on beads!

Congratulations to the 2015 Winners! 

First Place: Banana Bike Brigade

Second Place: Mystic Knights of the Purple Haze

Third Place: Affton Vice

Fourth and Fifth Place: Krewe of Calypseaux


2016 Krewe Organization Pricing

  • Walking Krewe $200*
  • Float $500*
  • Business Entry $800*
  • Float Sponsor $2,500*

*$350 deposit required with fee

Review the Float Construction Guidelines for helpful information. 


Bead Recycling

There is still a lot of fun left in those beads! See how it is done on YouTube. Drop off your beads in a marked five gallon bucket at one of these locations: